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      Oriel with staircase inside - seen at the Parisch Church


                               Porch of the Townhall



Historical tour 

Join my tour and explore this beautiful old town. 

Step back into medieval times and marvel at the lovely ecclesiastical buildings. Stroll with me through the narrow alleys and along the massive fortification wall. We will talk about the marks left by major incidents like Reformation, Thirty Years' War or Secularization.

There is a lot to tell! 

Duration: approx. 1½ hours

Price: up to 10 people  50,00 euros per group
11 people and more  5,00 euros per person

About the watchman of the tower,
                         the executioner and other fellas

During this experience tour, I will show you around town and demonstrate a lot of historical items which you can also try out.

Can you imagine what pattens are used for in the past, or if the neckvioline was a medieval musical instrument, or why the executioner usually had a pretty wife? These and other questions and strange stories about the watchman of the tower, the executioner, and other fellas are awaiting you.

Join my tour and step with me into Iphofens past and its rich history.

       Duration: approx. 1½ hours

       Price: up to 10 people  70,00 euros per group
                 11 people and more  7,00 euros per person
Strange fella



                View into the ossuary (bone house) - beneath the Saint Michaels-Chappel