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                      Grapevines in springGrapevines in summerGrapevines in fallGrapevines in winter

Vineyard row                                  Vineyard Fascination

For many people Iphofen means wine.

In fact until recently wine production was the city’s main source of income.
               That’s why it is simply a must to get to know Iphofen’s viticulture.

Admittedly in order to understand our wine in all its diversity
                                                       it is necessary to cover a lot of ground.

How did the first grapevine come to Franconia?
Which role has viticulture played in the history of the region and the city?

Which varieties of grapes are grown in the vineyards
                                       and which types of wines do they later become?

How does this process work? What is the correct way
                        to prune a grapevine to obtain the highest-quality grapes?

How does geology fit into the picture
   and what happened millions of years ago in the German Triassic Basin?

I will be glad to answer all these questions and many more while we are walking through the vineyards.

The guided tour can be adapted to your individual needs.
I would recommend spending, at minimum,
                                                     two hours of your time in the vineyards.

It’s also possible to arrange for a snack consisting of bread and cold cuts, provided by a local supplier.
                   Of course this snack includes wine because…

“Nothing makes you more familiar with the landscape
than the enjoyment of the wines which are grown on its soil
and which are illuminated by its sun.”

                                                                  Ernst Jünger (German Philosopher)

        Duration: According to your wishes  -  2 to 4 hours

        Price: 80,00 euros per 2 hours and 10 people
                   for each additional person 8,00 euros
                  (There will be an additional charge if you request
                       the above-mentioned snack and wine)

      For english tours there is a general surcharge of  25,00 euros      

 Maximum number of participants: 30 people
               Vineyard hut in the vineyard site KronsbergWayside shrine in the vineyard site KalbVineyard site Kronsberg with townhall in the foregroundWayside cross in the vineyard site KalbVineyard site Julius-Echter-Berg seen from the vineyard site Kalb